Thursday, November 23, 2017

Poha to kirihou

This term we have been learning about how food preservation has changed since the early days.
I have learnt...
To use beeswax wrap instead of using plastic.
To try stop people using plastic.

Thursday, November 9, 2017


WAL about Parihaka 
Parihaka is in Taranaki and it was the 5th of November 1881.Te Whiti and Tohu were the leaders of  Parihaka and there handle war in peace and never killed anyone.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Newspaper report #1

WALT write a newspaper report.

Newspaper report - Crime Scene

In France yesterday there was a dead body found in a swamp in Lake Geneva.It was a little girl and her name was Sophie Brown.She was born on  the 13th of November 2003.She was only 2 years old.We have considered  this  a crime because it’s a dead body lying in the polluted swamp.Sophie Brown stole lollies from the dairy.The owner saw it happen, so the owner pushed Sophie Brown into the swamp.The mother planned a funeral at Cannes.The funeral was on the 16th of November 2005. Bye Darling love and miss you.

Friday, September 22, 2017

The piano

WALT write a descriptive piece of writing from the old man's point of view as he recalls memories. 
The piano
I am a lovely old man that likes to play piano all day every day.When I start playing the piano memories came back from in the past.I remember when my wife died of heart cancer.The first holiday was at Australia in Sydney.We even went to the zoo and saw lots of amazing animal.We walked on the Sydney harbor bridge.The last holiday was at Indonesia in Bali.We even went to the beautiful water park and had a elephant ride through the breeze forest.

I remember when we had your wedding.The vowels my wife said to me and the vowels I said to her will always be remembered.Then two days after your wedding we went on your honeymoon at England.One night we went out for dinner at Harvester Alwalton.We both had prawns and salad with aioli mayo. My wife will always be apart of my life because I am always going to remember you.

Now I’m remembering when I was in war with my little brother.We were both wearing green clothing like we did when we were little kids.We ran and hid behind the brown brick wall because the other team was firing bombs and shooting.Then something bad really happened,my little brother got shot in the chest and died.After just seeing my little brother die I was heartbroken.My heart was in pieces.My little brother fell into my sad arms.His last words were
“Thank you for everything,you were the best brother ever and love you.”
I couldn’t say my last words to him because he went.I started crying.I rubbed my sad warm hand on his head.

I’m now going to remember the happy times we have together.We would always play together,watch tv together and eat together.Now we can’t do that even more.My little brother will always be apart of my life because I am always going to remember you.

Now I’m remembering when I was a lovely child 60 years ago.I woke up early for my 6th birthday on the 13th of december.My dad hands me a blue box with a blue ribbon around it.
I said “Is this my present dad?”
Dad said “Yes son.”
I start ripping open my present,yay it’s a ride on horse.It was made out of wood and it is brown.It is my favourite toy but my only toy.I take it everywhere and play with it all day every day.Before I started galloping on my ride on horse I gave my dad a hug and kiss.Now I start galloping all around the house.

We went to my grandmas and grandads to celebrate my birthday lunch.I only just remembered my grandma past away a year ago.I start crying because I can’t celebrate it with grandma as well.I thought of her in my sad heart.I will always love her and will always remember her.While grandad still gave me my present even though grandma wasn’t there.

Te Ngahere

WAL about te Ngahere,the rakau,the kararehe, the manu and the risks to the forest.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

The mudslide


World Events for your writing
I’m sure you won’t have missed the events in Barcelona, Spain this week or the devastation caused by the mudslide in Sierre Leone and the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. The prompt this week uses the emotions that the media has shown us.

Latest prompt
As I said at the top of this page, the events around the world this week:

… as it came rushing towards us we…
The mudslide  
I went for an afternoon walk down the smooth, black concrete.I saw lots of old buildings that had cracked windows.When it all came rushing down to me,I screamed.It was brown like a rusty stick.The whole city was covered in brown ploppy mud.I was searching around for my family after what just happened.It took hours and weeks to find them but  no luck.I’m so sad I’ve just lost some family of mine.People were screaming for help to find their family’s and friends.Nobody could find anyone because they’re underneath brown ploppy mud.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Let's Get Inventing!

WALT Discuss the pros and cons products
WALT Modify/develop a product to meet a new need
I've liked this reading activity because it was about inventing.


WALT recognise the whole of an object, equal parts and  their names.
For the first week back at school we learnt about fractions. I've learnt about what a numerator and the denominator is.

Monday, July 3, 2017


WALT be cybersmart using a game called Interland. In this game there are 4 different cyber worlds each focussing on a different part of cyber smart. The green mountain which is the one we started with is about being kind and caring.
Then I decided to have a go at the Tower of Treasure which is about making a password with green, blue and red letters and numbers. 
I was learning about cyber smart by using this game.

Screenshot of my Tower of Treasure

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Measuring lengh

WALT estimate and measure to the nearest centimetre
This helped me know what centimetre were. I liked the slide that my teacher put together because it helped me on using centimetre.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Matariki harvesting machine

WALT use information to create a new invention
We got to choose what we wanted to do the drawing on.
I used pictures and shapes to create my harvesting machine.  

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Matariki all around the world

WAL about how Matariki is celebrated around the world.
It's Matariki this month on 25th of june 2017.
Matariki can happen all around the world at different times.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Titanium slow writing

WALT use a technique to carefully craft our writing

If I didn’t arrive on the school grounds, if I had stayed at home, if I was better behaved then this wouldn’t have happened. I was scared, terrified and worried because there were aliens trashing the school.  I wish I was a normal, ordinary boy coming from an amazing family, but something happened. There was ripped wallpaper and tables tipped over on the floor, with  dirty paper drifting in the air. Slowly and cautiously filled with fear I tiptoe outside. I stole a red bike from the school.  Grinding my teeth; biting my nails; I scrunched my cold hands up and then…

Friday, May 5, 2017



WAL the moari names for the parts of our bodys


WALT write a narrative through the eyes of one of the crew, or robots.
From inside of my container I could hear loud noises, the shiny blue  waves crashing against the massive red boat, I could see the captain steering the massive boat so we wouldn't crash.

Ah pirates are coming on their little boat. The smelly pirates threw anchors up on the silver rusty rail and climbed aboard. All the pirates ran in the white doors. Their ran into the kitchen first. A pirate said raise your hands. The chef did. Some pirates tried the soup my beautiful soup.  Then the pirates went to the machinery to turn it off. The machines were as loud as an herd of elephants. When the pirates finished turning the machinery off the people went to the captain and said “ The pirates turned off the machines.” Three pirates came into the captain's We need to get your silver robots out. I opened the red roof and came out to fight the pirates. The robots started fighting the pirates and one robot pushed an priate into the shiny blue sea. One robot came into the cabin and tapped on the shoulder of the pirate. The pirate turned around and the robot  said look outside. So the pirates did. The pirate said where  are my crew. The robot said die. The robot took the captain’s hat back and the keys back. The robot gave the captain’s stuff back and the captain had an hot coffee. The captain was driving us all back to home.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Moa

WALT: to make inferences and interpret information when we read.
The Moa
Sourced from: arbs
This task is about reading to find information and make inferences. Read the article below then answer the questions that follow.

Nobody today has seen a live moa – the bird is extinct.

The things we know about the moa come from accounts left by people who saw it in the past, and from the studies of scientists.

Thousands and thousands of moas have lived and died here, but their bodies have all rotted away long ago. In order to find out how the moa looked and lived, scientists must study the things which are still left – mainly bones.

As well as the bones, people often find little heaps of stones which came from the bird's gizzard. The moa swallowed these stones to help grind up its food. And in very dry parts of New Zealand, people have even found skin and feathers, still stuck to dried-up moa bones.

If you have been to a museum, you may have seen a model of a moa. The model has been built by using all this information as a guide.

Model-building is not very difficult to do. We have lots of moa bones. If you put a set of bones together to make a skeleton, you then have a shape of the bird.

There are places on the bones which show where the muscles should go. You can model the muscles from a plastic material and put them on to the skeleton. Then you put a skin over it.

It is more difficult to find the right sort of feathers. Most models use emu feathers. The moa feathers which have been found look soft and droopy, like emu feathers. But they have more colour than those of the emu – they are golden-brown, with a purple streak down the middle.

Even so, these feathers may be faded. Some early Maori, who were asked about moas, said that they had bright, bright feathers. It may be that the moa was more brightly coloured than the models that you see in the museum.
Source: School Journal, Part 2, No 3, Learning Media, 1982.

Use the text above to answer these questions. Highlight your answer

1. Information about moas comes mainly from
(A)   Studies of dried skin and feathers.
(B)   Scientific studies and records of people's observations.
(C)   Remains found in very dry parts of New Zealand.
(D)   Stories told by early Maori.
(E)   Making visits to museums.

2. What is often found together with moa bones?
(A)   Rotting bodies.
(B)   Skin and feathers.
(C)   Small piles of stones.
(D)   Birds' gizzards.
(E)   Ground-up food.

3. Which is the best description of a 'gizzard'?
(A)   Container for small stones.
(B)   Part of a bird's stomach.
(C)   What is left when a bird dies.
(D)   Part of a moa.
(E)   Part of a bird's digestive system.

4. How is the basic shape of the moa worked out?
(A)   By looking at the places where muscles attach to the bones.
(B)   From making a model out of plastic material.
(C)   By reading accounts left by people who once saw it.
(D)   From examining dried skins and feathers.
(E)   By putting together a complete set of bones.

5. Compared with emu feathers, moa feathers were probably
(A)   Softer and droopier.
(B)   Less colourful.
(C)   Harder and stiffer.
(D)   Faded and streaked.
(E)   Brighter.

6. Why has no living person ever seen a live moa?
I think nobody has seen them because they were extinct long ago. Probably scientists have seen them when they created them.

Thousands and thousands of moas have lived and died here, but their bodies have all rotted away long ago. In order to find out how the moa looked and lived, scientists must study the things which are still left – mainly bones.

7. Why would moa skin and feathers only be found in 'very dry' parts of New Zealand?
In very dry parts of New Zealand, people have even found skin and feathers , still stuck to dried up Moa bones.

8. How do scientists know where the moa's muscles were attached to its skeleton?

There are places on the bones which show where the muscles should go. You can model the muscles from a plastic material and put them on to the skeleton. Then you put a skin over it.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Tom True heart

WALT Organised texts, using a range of structures.

Tom true heart
I was in a cold forest all alone but I was a brave boy and I had a golden sword. As I was walking across the crackle leafs a big snowball hit my head Awwwww. The leafs were as brown as mud. I can hear birds chirping and I can smell the damp snow. The trees were as tall as a giraffe's neck.

Before long I whistled to my bluebird. My bluebirds name was Zoe.
“ I said fly me to the troll's kingdom.”
“ My bird said yes.”
We went up in the sparkly blue sky. The clouds were as white as slim paper. We went around the troll’s kingdom and looked in a window. I saw my six brothers and their princess brides locked up in jail.

I hopped off my bluebird and jumped in the troll’s kingdom. Then I grabbed my golden sword out of pocket and pointed it at the troll’s and they fall asleep.
“ I said Billy, James, Jack, Zac, Jordan, Ngakita where are the huge golden key.
“ My six brothers said on the big red table.”
“ I said ok.”
Brother’s i’m a size of a thumb I can’t climb this big red table.
“ My brothers said no there’s a small brown ladder.”
“ I said ok.”
I started climbing the small brown ladder. The ladder was as small as a baby bird. When I got on the red table I grabbed the huge golden key. I jumped off the big red table and I put the huge golden key in the hole and finally I have my six brothers back and their princess brides. My six brothers picked me up together and gave my a massive hug.

Me and My six brothers and then princess brides hopped on my bluebird and we flew to the crackle leafs. We Saw the sparkly blue sky. The sky was as sparkly as a crystal diamonds. We landed On the crackle leafs. The leafs were as crackle as a red fire. My brothers and their princess brides were like
“ I’m finally home.”
“ I said I know I i’m glad.”

Finally I’ve got my 6 brothers back.

Beyond the lines

WALT write a narrative through the eyes of the children or one of the soldiers.
Beyond the lines
Suddenly war had started so we hopped on the massive ship. The ship was rusty around the outside. The ship was cold like freezing ice. The ship was getting warmer as we were huddling. I heard waves smashing against the ship. We were huddling because we were scared. We were scared because it was a unknown space and because we didn't know what was happening and we thought we were going to get hurt and killed.

We finally arrived at Turkey’s beach. The ramp slowly went down for us to run off. We ran as fast as we could. We ran into a puddle and got smashed. The puddle was as blue as the ocean. I smelt salt coming from the puddle as I’m running. Some people hid behind a brown rusty barricades and some people were killing other people. I barricades were as rusty as a old car.

I quickly wrote a message to my Wife and Grandson’s.
 “ I said I love you both my battle has started. “

I kept running up the steep hill as I got cut by the barbed wire which was as sharp as a knife. The barbed wire was as grey as elephant skin. It was tangled up like spaghetti. One of my friends got shot in the leg and had a big wound. The wound was big and was pouring with blood. The blood was sticky and gooey.
I heard guns shooting and people screaming because killing was happening. The Turkey people wanted to win because more of us was killed. As we were battling our Captain was making our trench. The trench was big.

One of the bombs came down and blew up and killed someone from Turkeys team. The Turkey people were sad because they had lost their Captain and this made them fight even harder.
I send another message to my Wife and Grandson’s
 “ I said war is almost finished I was be back in 5 days.   

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Arctic circle

WALT:Vary my sentence beginnings, structure and length

In the days of the arctic circle it was getting colder and colder as I was spinning the crank handle to grow my fruit. The crank handle made a squeaky noise as I was turning it. Later that day my juicy apples started to grow. I took the juicy apple off the breach and ate it.

As I was turning around a yellow magic box appeared. Then I ran over to the yellow magic box and touched it. When I touched it I got a shock of yellow  and my hands and arms turned sparkly orange. Before long I hit the brown tree with my sparkly orange hands and arms and more juicy apples grew. I took off another juicy apple and took one big bite and then threw it on the ground.

After taking one big bite of my juicy apple I turned around and saw the yellow magic box move. As I took steps the box moves as well. When the yellow magic box started getting faster I started running. I skidded in front of the yellow magic box. However I jumped on the yellow magic box and it disappeared. My hands and arms were orange and I stood up and my feet turned into yellow boxes. Then I fell down and turned into a yellow magic box.

My neighbour came out of his house and started spinning the crank handle. The crank handle made a squeaky noise as I was turning it. Later that day his juicy apples started to grow. Billy took off the juicy apple and ate it. Then he saw a yellow magic box and Billy walked over to it. Billy got a shock of yellow. After Billy touched the yellow magic box his hands and arms turned sparkly orange. Before long Billy hit the brown tree with his sparkly orange hands and arms and more juicy apples grew. Billy kept eating his juicy apples. Billy went back in his house.

I was greedy but Billy wasn't greedy.

Recycled Worm Farm

WALT: find specific evidence in the text. 

Thursday, March 16, 2017

My DLO pangarau

This is my DlO on learning how to add and subtract using groupings of five. I hope you enjoy it.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Te Reo Maori 2017

Kia Ora whanau 
This is my collection of Whakatauki and what they mean. I hope you enjoy reading this I will be adding a new slide every week.