Thursday, April 13, 2017

Beyond the lines

WALT write a narrative through the eyes of the children or one of the soldiers.
Beyond the lines
Suddenly war had started so we hopped on the massive ship. The ship was rusty around the outside. The ship was cold like freezing ice. The ship was getting warmer as we were huddling. I heard waves smashing against the ship. We were huddling because we were scared. We were scared because it was a unknown space and because we didn't know what was happening and we thought we were going to get hurt and killed.

We finally arrived at Turkey’s beach. The ramp slowly went down for us to run off. We ran as fast as we could. We ran into a puddle and got smashed. The puddle was as blue as the ocean. I smelt salt coming from the puddle as I’m running. Some people hid behind a brown rusty barricades and some people were killing other people. I barricades were as rusty as a old car.

I quickly wrote a message to my Wife and Grandson’s.
 “ I said I love you both my battle has started. “

I kept running up the steep hill as I got cut by the barbed wire which was as sharp as a knife. The barbed wire was as grey as elephant skin. It was tangled up like spaghetti. One of my friends got shot in the leg and had a big wound. The wound was big and was pouring with blood. The blood was sticky and gooey.
I heard guns shooting and people screaming because killing was happening. The Turkey people wanted to win because more of us was killed. As we were battling our Captain was making our trench. The trench was big.

One of the bombs came down and blew up and killed someone from Turkeys team. The Turkey people were sad because they had lost their Captain and this made them fight even harder.
I send another message to my Wife and Grandson’s
 “ I said war is almost finished I was be back in 5 days.   

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