Thursday, April 13, 2017

Tom True heart

WALT Organised texts, using a range of structures.

Tom true heart
I was in a cold forest all alone but I was a brave boy and I had a golden sword. As I was walking across the crackle leafs a big snowball hit my head Awwwww. The leafs were as brown as mud. I can hear birds chirping and I can smell the damp snow. The trees were as tall as a giraffe's neck.

Before long I whistled to my bluebird. My bluebirds name was Zoe.
“ I said fly me to the troll's kingdom.”
“ My bird said yes.”
We went up in the sparkly blue sky. The clouds were as white as slim paper. We went around the troll’s kingdom and looked in a window. I saw my six brothers and their princess brides locked up in jail.

I hopped off my bluebird and jumped in the troll’s kingdom. Then I grabbed my golden sword out of pocket and pointed it at the troll’s and they fall asleep.
“ I said Billy, James, Jack, Zac, Jordan, Ngakita where are the huge golden key.
“ My six brothers said on the big red table.”
“ I said ok.”
Brother’s i’m a size of a thumb I can’t climb this big red table.
“ My brothers said no there’s a small brown ladder.”
“ I said ok.”
I started climbing the small brown ladder. The ladder was as small as a baby bird. When I got on the red table I grabbed the huge golden key. I jumped off the big red table and I put the huge golden key in the hole and finally I have my six brothers back and their princess brides. My six brothers picked me up together and gave my a massive hug.

Me and My six brothers and then princess brides hopped on my bluebird and we flew to the crackle leafs. We Saw the sparkly blue sky. The sky was as sparkly as a crystal diamonds. We landed On the crackle leafs. The leafs were as crackle as a red fire. My brothers and their princess brides were like
“ I’m finally home.”
“ I said I know I i’m glad.”

Finally I’ve got my 6 brothers back.

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