Friday, May 5, 2017


WALT write a narrative through the eyes of one of the crew, or robots.
From inside of my container I could hear loud noises, the shiny blue  waves crashing against the massive red boat, I could see the captain steering the massive boat so we wouldn't crash.

Ah pirates are coming on their little boat. The smelly pirates threw anchors up on the silver rusty rail and climbed aboard. All the pirates ran in the white doors. Their ran into the kitchen first. A pirate said raise your hands. The chef did. Some pirates tried the soup my beautiful soup.  Then the pirates went to the machinery to turn it off. The machines were as loud as an herd of elephants. When the pirates finished turning the machinery off the people went to the captain and said “ The pirates turned off the machines.” Three pirates came into the captain's We need to get your silver robots out. I opened the red roof and came out to fight the pirates. The robots started fighting the pirates and one robot pushed an priate into the shiny blue sea. One robot came into the cabin and tapped on the shoulder of the pirate. The pirate turned around and the robot  said look outside. So the pirates did. The pirate said where  are my crew. The robot said die. The robot took the captain’s hat back and the keys back. The robot gave the captain’s stuff back and the captain had an hot coffee. The captain was driving us all back to home.

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